Oil and Fluids (appointment)

fluid being poured into car

Oil changes & Fluids check-up may be the easiest
and least expensive way to keep your car running right!

Make an appointment for an Oil Change!

6 Fluids your car needs:

  • *Oil Change: Every 3-6k miles you drive
  • Coolant
  • *Transmission fluid: Manuel 30-60k miles, Automatic: 60-100k miles
  • *Brake fluid: under 2 years of driving (visual check up required)
  • *Power steering fluid Flush: 40-80k miles
  • Windshield wiper fluid

These fluids are how your car stays lubricated. If you want your car to last a long time- these are the most important services to keep up to date with!

*It never hurts to have these fluids changed out earlier, this mileage is only a guideline. Please talk to our mechanics for a visual check-up, top off, or full flush.